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Cherokee Community of The Inland Empire

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The Mission and Purpose of the Cherokee Community of the Inland Empire. 

The Cherokee Community of the Inland Empire (CCIE) is a California community of Cherokees dedicated to Cherokee history, culture, heritage, tradition and fellowship. We are a non-political, non-profit Native American organization whose members reside outside the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation and Bands. Our members reside primarily in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties as well as the High Desert area. We have come together on the basis of our shared history and heritage  out of an interest in the continuation of and a love for the Cherokee People and Nations.

Our Membership is not limited to only registered Cherokees. We have non-registered Cherokees and non-Cherokee members who are interested in the Cherokee culture and want to learn more. If you think you might be interested in becoming a member please come to a meeting, enjoy yourself and think about it. 
Learn about the Heritage your ancestors left to you. Do you know what it is to be Cherokee? Join us and we will learn together.

Are you interested in becoming a CCIE member?

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Cherokee Community of the Inland Empire
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